Geophysical surveys at the Shtokman gas condensate field


In the autumn-winter period of 2010, a complex of geophysical studies was carried out on the order of Geoinzhservice LLC, including methods of electrical exploration and seismic exploration. The works were carried out on the onshore site of the start-up complex of the gas treatment installation for transportation and were part of the integrated development of the Shtokman gas condensate field.

The specificity of landscape and climatic conditions determined the choice of geophysical methods to obtain the necessary engineering and geophysical information about the section. When carrying out electrical exploration work, the methods of VES, EP, EP and technologies of variable electromagnetic fields (CSB, CZ) were used in case of impossibility to provide galvanic contact of antennas with the surface (rocky soil, ice). Seismic surveys were carried out.

Оператор георадара ЗОНД-12

Процесс георадиолокационной съемки

In the absence of the possibility of galvanic contact, the method of frequency sensing was used.

Аппаратура HF-EM на точке измерения

According to the results of the complex of geophysical works, the following engineering and geological problems were solved:

  • determining the depth and configuration of the roof of the bedrock under quaternary deposits;
  • identification and tracing of zones of weakened fractured rocks;
  • evaluation of the homogeneity of the geological structure of the array.