Engineering and geological surveys for the construction of a settlement in the Odintsovsky district of the Moscow region, 2012

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In October 2012, MSU-Geophysics LLC carried out engineering and geological surveys at the design documentation stage for a new construction of a cottage community. Works were performed in the Moscow region in the Odintsovo district.

Обзорная схема расположения объекта изысканий


The purpose of the work is to obtain materials of engineering surveys necessary and sufficient for a comprehensive assessment of the natural and man-made conditions of the construction site and the justification of the design, construction and operation of facilities.

To obtain the necessary engineering and geological materials, the following types of work were performed:

  • collection of research materials of past years;
  • route survey area
  • drilling operations;
  • laboratory studies of soils;
  • office processing of materials.

Types and volumes of exploration work were carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current regulatory documents - SNiP 11-02-96, SP 11-105-97 part 1-3.

Наиболее типичный участок местности

Бурение установкой организации с отбором проб для лабораторных исследований

In the process of drilling, well documentation was completed, soil samples were taken for laboratory research, and groundwater level monitoring was performed.

Field work was performed in October 2012.

A complete set of definitions of the physicochemical parameters of the soils was made on selected soil samples, and the strength and deformation indicators of the soils were also determined.

In addition to determining the properties of the soil, analyzes of the chemical composition of groundwater and water extracts were performed.