Electromagnetic sounding on the Nyarmeisky license area, Kara Sea, 2015


In the summer period of 2015, our employees conducted research by TEMS method at the Nyarmeisky license area. The purpose of the work is to determine the depth of the roof of the permafrost and their state by the specific electrical resistance. The work was carried out jointly with the staff of the Pacific Oceanological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who investigated the methane content in seawater.

Судно "Маршал Василевский"

"Marshal Vasilevsky" vessel

Приемная коса на 4 канала, общая длина 700 м

Reception spit on 4 channels, total length 700 m

Электроды генераторной косы позволяют создавать индукционный имульс с силой тока в 200 А

The electrodes of the generator spit allow you to create an inductive impulse with a current of 200 A

Вот что происходит с электродами под воздействием процесса электролиза

This is what happens to the electrodes under the influence of the electrolysis process.

Параллельно с нами на исследуемом участке проводились исследования методами сейсморазведки

In parallel with us, seismic surveys were conducted at the site under study.