Electrical prospecting works using the TEMS method at the facility "Exploration well No. 4 of the Leningradsky gas-condensate field", 2018


Укладка приемной косы на палубу во время мобилизации

Laying the reception spit on the deck during the mobilization

The purpose of electrical exploration is to study the distribution, formation features, occurrence conditions and thickness of permafrost to a depth of 300 m from the bottom surface.

The scope of work included fieldwork using the TEMS method at the Beloostrovsky licensed site and the processing of TEMS data with the release of potentially dangerous zones associated with the possible detection of permafrost in the section.

Генераторная коса и генераторный электрод

Generator spit and generator electrode

In the course of the field work, 385 km of research was worked out. The scheme of work consisted of a grid of mutually perpendicular tacks with a pitch of 100–200 m.

Схема отработанных галсов на объекте

Scheme of waste tacks on the object

When carrying out further research at the object “Exploratory well No. 4 of the Leningrad gas-condensate field” it is planned to make thermometric observations in the wells. The results of thermometric observations in mature wells will make it possible to assess the presence in the section and thickness of the permafrost. Laboratory studies, in addition to standard definitions, should include the study of the thermophysical characteristics of both frozen and thawed soils (heat capacity, thermal conductivity, the temperature of the onset of freezing and the determination of the unfrozen water curve). These data will clarify the depth of the roof of frozen soils, and should be used in the calculation of the thermal interaction of the wellbore with enclosing soils.

Дизельгенераторная станция используется для создания импульсов тока в генераторной линии

The diesel generator station is used to create current pulses in the generator line.

Трансформаторы, соединенные по схеме "треугольника" позволяют понизить напряжение, выходящее с дизельгенераторов, с 380 В до 140 В

Transformers connected in a "triangle" scheme allow to reduce the voltage exiting from diesel generators from 380 V to 140 V

Спуск приемной линии с приемными электродами на воду

The descent of the receiving line with the receiving electrodes on the water

Для определения электропроводности приповерхностной толщи воды использовался кондуктометр «Эксперт-002», позволяющий выполнять непрерывные измерения удельной электропроводности водной среды через заданные промежутки времени

To determine the electrical conductivity of the near-surface water column, an Expert-002 conductometer was used, which allows continuous measurements of the specific electrical conductivity of the water medium at specified intervals of time.

Северное сияние над исследуемым участком

Northern Lights over the study area