Field electrical prospecting by the use of TEMS on Beloostrovsky license area, 2017


Судно, на котором проводились работы - "Аквамарин"

The vessel on which the work was carried out - "Aquamarine"

The purpose of electrical exploration is to study the distribution, formation features, occurrence conditions and thickness of permafrost to a depth of 600 m from the bottom surface.

Укладка приемной косы на палубу

Laying reception spit on the deck

The scope of work included fieldwork using the method of sensing the formation of a field in the near zone (TEMS) at the Beloostrovsky licensed site and the processing of TEMS data with the release of potentially dangerous zones associated with the possible detection of permafrost in the section. In the course of field work, 1406.3 p. Km were worked. researches by method of TEMS. The scheme of works was a grid of mutually perpendicular tacks with a step of 1000 m.

Генераторная (справа) и приемная (слева) линии в работе

Generator (right) and reception (left) lines in operation

According to the results of geophysical studies, apparent resistivity curves were constructed, the geoelectric structure was simulated for 54 completed profiles, and section maps were prepared for the specific electrical resistance of soils taking into account engineering geological data. Highlighted areas with the most favorable conditions for the installation of the drilling platform.

Геоэлектрический разрез по профилю 1 исследуемого участка

Геоэлектрический разрез по профилю 1 исследуемого участка