A joint Russian-American expedition (Laptev Sea), 2012

Second joint Russian-American expedition was conducted from March 11 to April 18, 2012 in the south-eastern part of the Laptev Sea (North-western part of the Buor-Khaya lip, east of the river Lena). The expedition included specialists from the Russian Academy of Science, geocryological department of Geological Faculty of Moscow State University (VE Tumskoy, AV Koshurnikov, BA Buhanov), the Institute of Oceanology. PP Shirshov (Moscow) and the University of Georgia (Athens, USA). The main objective of the expedition was to drill deep (100 m) wells on the shelf for the measurement of gases in the bottom sediment. Simultaneously the composition and structure of the deposits were studied aswell as its density and moisture. Thermometric observations were also conducted in the wells. Temperature of freezing deposits were determined.

 First time in the East Arctic shelf under the direction of A. Koshurnikov were executed electromagnetic researches. As a result of works 4 wells were drilled (maximum depth 58 m) with a full core sampling. Obtained data bout configuration of permafrost on the shelf in the Bay of Buor-Haya.

The main part of the expedition against the URB-4T


Drilling rig URB-4T-basic tool for understanding the submarine permafrost

Formation of the tractor-sled trains on the ice near the Gulf Bulunkan seaport Tiksi sampling of elevated core

Sampling of elevated core

The submarine permafrost (white lens-schlierens ice arenaceous silt)

AV Koshurnikov - General Director of "MSU-Geophysics." Getting ready to start the electromagnetic sensing in the Arctic shelf

Measuring complex "Cycle-7" and the operator A. Koshurnikov at work in all-terrain military trucks for

Gas bubbles evidence of biogenic processes occurring in sediments

Surprise visit to the platform owner Arctic

As a result of work in spring 2012 had produced 17 points electromagnetic sounding of becoming a near-field

An example of mathematical modeling of the geoelectric section at point 8

Resistivity section on the profile 11-10


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