Integrated geochemical surveys with geodetic binding of observation points in the oil field, New Vasyugan, Tomsk Region, 2013

MSU Geophysics performed complex geochemical survey on a scale of 1:5 000 with horizontal and vertical binding observation points. Project been executed in 2013, Tomsk region. Total area which has been covered with a surveys are 16.5 square meters.

 Field works were performed in February-March 2013 The works re executed using modern equipment, which allowed to complete field works in a short period, obtain a high-quality observations, reduce labor intensity.

 Maps of the gas content in the near-surface air and subsoil gas were created as a result of post-processing of the obtained data.  Areas for potential wells location were identified. Found perspective areas for exploration and drilling, identified unpromising and high-risk areas, maps of prospects oil-bearing with improved fracture permeability were created. There where geometrized compact and promising for further development of the contours of deposits and promising land.

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